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Why choose Scraping Mesh?

We have a dedicated team for you. We extract the data you need and deliver it exactly as you’d like it.

We have built Scraping Mesh to support Data Extraction at Scale for organizations. With Scraping Mesh, you can effortlessly use our crawlers to extract millions of records in one single crawl run.

Our Data-As-A-Service platforms will save you countless of hours and money which otherwise would have been spent on installing a complicated software or a DIY tool.

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How does this work?

Our managed data platform of experts will get you all the web data you need. No complicated software to use, no tools to configure!


    Tell us about the project. We want to know each and every detail about your Data needs so we can provide the best solution for you.


    Now sit back and relax, our team of experts will analyze the website and get back to you with a quote and a solution in 6 hours. After the confirmation, we will start working and provide the sample of data extraction within 24 hours.


    After you are completely satisfied with the sample, we will proceed towards the full data extraction and final delivery.


What do we offer?

What our customers are saying?

"We had always struggled with DIY scraping tools, Scraping Mesh has literally saved us from the technical hassale and has provided us pipeline for our Data needs."

Catherine Soft

CEO, Finderzz

"Scraping Mesh has a really speedy support system and are always happy to help if there are any issues in the data.

I highly recommend them."

Kelvin Wood

Digital Marketer

"I truly don't know what we would do without the great work of the Scraping Mesh team. They pull together estimates very quickly so I can get details back to clients."

David Martin

Machine Learning Engineer

Scraping Mesh - Plans & Pricing

Starter Plan

Starts From
$99Per Site
Per 50k records

  • Crawler Setup By Experts
  • Data Retention for 30 days
  • Handles Anti Scraping such as captcha, location filter Measures
  • Location and Premium Proxy
  • Delivery via Email
  • Email Support
  • Maintenance and Support
Monthly Plan
Starts From
$69Per Site
Plus $50/Mo Per 50k records

  • Crawler Setup By Experts
  • Everything in Starter : plus
  • Data Retention for 60 days
  • Delivery via Amazon S3, FTP, GDrive, Dropbox
  • Dedicated Phone Support
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Monthly Data Extraction
Enterprise Plan
Have a comprehensive and large-scale crawl requirement?

Reach out for longer-term enterprise plans or volume discount pricing options.

  • Crawler Setup By Experts
  • Everything in Monthly : plus
  • Data Retention for 90 days
  • Advanced Filtering and Deep Crawl and Deduplications
  • Custom Projects
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Custom Crawl Frequency

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install anything on to my computer?

No with Scraping Mesh, You don't need to any setup or Installation.
Our team of Engineers take care of everything from Setup to Data delivery so that you can focus on what matters most "Consuming the clean and fresh data for your business".

Are you able to extract data from sites that require a login?

Yes, but we require the login credentials from our clients.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Normally, projects are completed within 2 business days after the sample is verified by client.
But the time required depends on multiple factors such as complexity of the website, number of data points, use of proxy(to bypass location restrictions) and use of headless browser( to avoid bot detection).
After understanding your requirements, we will provide you a sample and mention an estimated date of delivery.

What formats is the data available in?

We support all of the mainstream formats CSV, XLSX, JSON, XML and YAML.

Can you scrape websites with anti-scraping protection such as Recaptcha, Distill network, Data Dome and Incapsula?

Yes, We work with websites protected by anti scraping measures all the time. As we encounter them a lot of times during projects, we have developed efficient system to bypass the anti scraping techniques.

How will I receive my data once it’s scraped?

We can deliver data via email or sync the data to your preferred storage locations (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box, FTP).

Can you scrape images, videos and pdfs?

Yes! Our web crawlers can scrape images, videos and pdfs.
Scraping them requires extra effort and, as a result, will incur an additional charge. The files will be zipped and synced with the rest of your data.

Can you scrape data from Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platform?

Yes! we scrape data from instagram, twitter by doing searches by keywords, hashtags and also by filtering by date.
For LinkedIn, we can scrape profiles and company details.

Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are Special Cases which will incurr extra charges

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